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Massive amounts of data and computing power available today allow interesting things to be done with deep learning. However, enterprises can unlock the true strength of this technology only when it pervades wide and deep into their systems affecting core workflows and processes.

Agara Labs' solution is an end-to-end system of engagement for large enterprises. Hosted on the cloud, it deploys quickly and seamlessly over existing storage systems.

It reads multi-format data - text, audio and images - from customer emails, chats, phone calls and social media in real time. The data passes through our proprietary deep learning powered prediction engine to generate highly accurate results instantly. The results come in three major forms - Classification Labels, Intents and Responses. These predictions are then formatted to suit the requirements of the channels through which the initial results came in.

Query classification
Intent prediction
Response construction

The result. An extremely flexible platform which handles multi-format, multi-channel data to generate accurate predictions in real-time. Superimposed on a modern user interface and presented to customer service agents, these predictions can reduce the time taken to close a case dramatically. This alone can save large enterprises hundreds of millions of dollars. More importantly, this frees up the agents to do what they do best - have quality conversations with consumers for a better overall experience.



Agara Labs is a group of restless individuals with a shared vision - push the rapidly evolving deep learning technology to the edge of possibilities. We are data scientists, engineers and designers building next-level solutions for problems that enterprises are faced with.



Co-Founder & COO

Arjun Maheswaran

Principal Data Scientist

Anoop V

Senior UI/UX Designer

Ramnique Singh

Staff Software Engineer

Akhilesh Sudhakar

Data Scientist

Rahul K B

Data Scientist

Piyank Sarawagi

Data Scientist

Deepak Puttarangaswamy

Senior Frontend Engineer


Pankaj Gupta

Currently Director of Engineering at Google. Previously at Twitter.
Founded 2 companies.


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